17 years ago I was subjected to lumbar spine surgery derived from two herniated discs in L4-L5 and L5-S1. Unfortunately, the results of this surgery were not the expected ones because despite the procedure I continued with pains in the lower and upper back area, as well as constant contractures for which I had to use all kinds of analgesics and anti-inflammatories.

With the passage of time I got used to it and I was able to lead a relatively normal life, until in December of last year I went to sleep relatively well and when I woke up it was impossible for me to stand up because of the intense pain in my lower back. After many studies and doctors, the conclusion was that the remnant of the disc that had remained from my previous surgery was pricking the nerves of L5-S1 again, for which I suggested a “little surgery” to release the nerves.

My wife, in the search of alternatives, suggested me to take Yoga classes, which I initially opposed; however, the pain was so intense and paralyzing that he finally accepted her suggestion. I have to accept that yoga – restorative alignment with Alosja, focused on the restorative re-alignment of my spine, is the only thing that has helped me to start living a normal life again. No medicine taken or injection has taken away the contractures and pain as Yoga has done. Now, something that Yoga has also taught me is patience, since it takes time, effort and continuity to achieve good results. In conclusion, having found this alternative solution is the best thing that has happened to my column problems.

Edgardo Aguilar, Oax. 2013