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  • May 19 y 20
  • June 9 y 10
  • June 30 y julio 1
  • July 21 y 22
  • August 18 y 19
  • September 8 y 9
  • October 6 y 7
  • October 27 y 28
  • November 24 y 25
  • December 15 y 16
  • January 12 y 13
  • February 2 y 3
  • Exam: February 9



Per Module

Alosja Yoga offers Yoga Teacher Training so you can obtain your certificate and can give classes.


Main Teachers

Alosja Van Leeuwen

Iliana Toussieh

Guest Teachers

Brigitte Longueville

Solstice Mexico

San Agustinillo, Oaxaca

Julio César Palacios

Centro de Fisioterapia Palacios


Yogacharia Yogendra

Mark Brown

Topics per module:

(Subject to change without prior notice)
12 Modules

1st Module: Feet postures. Feet and leg anatomy. Yamas and niyamas. Restorative Alignment Theory. Use of aids like miters and bows.
2nd Module: Extensions. How to practice and teach responsibly. Effort without effort. Use of bow and stool. Back anatomy. Subtle body anatomy. Restorative Alignment Theory. Introduction to philosophy.
3rd Module: Guest Teacher: Anselmo Hernández whom will treat the Philosophy of Yoga topic. Anselmo has a Masters’ Degree in Asian Studies with specialty in India, by the College of Mexico (2012). Teacher in Sanskrit, studying a linguistics PhD.
4th Module: Flexes. Pelvis Anatomy. The science in stretching. Restorative Food Theory, physiology.
5th Module: Spins. Shoulder anatomy. Restorative Food Theory. Use of bolster, belts, chair and blocks.
6th Module: Guest Teacher: Fabiola Sauri (Narayana yoga, Cancún) Topic: Movement anatomy.
7th Module: Balancing on hands and inversions. Clear doubts about the lesson and teaching of the last six modules.
8th Module: Vinyasa and how to make sequences. Yoga as therapy. Yin yoga. Learning to observe.
9th Module: Guest Teacher: Ayesha Estrada. Topic: The art of teaching – techniques for teachers. Ayesha is a teacher certiified by Herta Rogg Foundation and with postgraduate certification in Centered Yoga by Dona Holleman. Ayesha teaches yoga classes in La Paz, Baja California Sur.
10th Module: Teaching methodology. Restorative Alignment Theory revision. Learning to observe. Learning to do manual and verbal corrections.
11th Module: Learning to observe, correct and assist. Teaching practice.
12th Module: Guest Teacher: Brigitte Longueville, San Agustinillo Solstice Yoga Centre Director and backmitra designer. Topic: Restorative Alignment from another angle, more advanced pranayama practice, meditation.
Theoric and practical exams.

Graduation Policy

1. 195 hour minimal assistance
2. Have all 13 modules paid
3. Theoric exam
4. Practical exam
5. Assist at at least one yoga class per week with Alosja outside the training hours


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